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Degree Programs

Our educational goals are:

Doctoral Degree Program
  1. To cultivate Environmental Education academic research talents with profound academic literacy and environmental philosophy.
  2. To cultivate Environmental Education in the field of leadership and innovation professionals for the country.
  3. To cultivate research talents with scientific and cultural literacy in the fields of sustainable science and sustainable education.
  4. To cultivate teachers for higher education and environmental education institutions.
  5. To cultivate academic research scholars in environmental protection, environmental learning, and sustainable industry research in both teaching and professional R & D fields.

Master’s Degree Program
  1. To cultivate Environmental Education professionals with environmental ethics and environmental literacy.
  2. To foster promotion and managerial talents with sustainable education based on sustainable development.
  3. To cultivate talents with the ability to integrate the environment of the system management and environmental education planning in K to 12 curriculum.
  4. To train talents with educational planning and integration promotion skills in environmental protection and conservation departments.
  5. To train talents with professional Environmental Education curriculum design, activity planning and operating skills for Non-Governmental Organizations, natural centers, and environmental learning center.
  6. To train talents with environmental communication skills and the ability to assist Corporate Social Responsibility.