Kuanhui Elaine LIN
Position Assistant Professor
Name Kuanhui Elaine LIN
Email khelin@ntnu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. (02) 7749-6560
Office Hour Wed 9:00-12:00
Expertise 2K climate reconstruction and historical climate data science Climate and society interactions Disaster risk and cross cultural comparison Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation
Lab Requirements Historical climate reconstruction and risk analysis
Research Overview View
Year Paper Title
2020 The dynamism of post disaster risk communication: A cross-country synthesis, nternational Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 48, Sep. 2020
2020 Historical droughts in the Qing dynasty (1644–1911) of China, Climate of the Past, vol. 16, Jun. 2020
2020 Temperature, precipitation and sunshine across China, 1912-51: A new daily instrumental dataset, Geoscience Data Journal, vol. 7, Mar. 2020
2019 Unlocking pre-1850 instrumental meteorological records: a global inventory, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Sep. 2019
2019 從清朝文獻紀錄重建颱風序列與時空特徵(Reconstructing historical typhoon series and spatiotemporal characteristics from REACHES documentary records), 地理學報(Journal of Geographical Science), Aug. 2019
2019 Historical weather data for climate risk assessment, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol. 1436, Jan. 2019
2018 Construction of the REACHES climate database based on historical documents of China, Scientific Data, Dec. 2018
2018 Distinguishing the windthrow and hydrogeological effects of typhoon impact on agricultural lands: an integrative OBIA and PPGIS approach, International Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 39, 2018
2017 地震、屋毀與傷亡:集集地震的因果分析(Earthquake, housing damage and fatality: a causal-effect analysis of seismic risk in Chi-Chi earthquakes, 都市與計畫(City and Planning), vol. 44, 2017
2017 Rethinking communication in risk interpretation and action, Natural Hazards, vol. 88, 2017
2017 How does resilience matter: an empirical verification of the relationships between resilience and vulnerability, Natural Hazards, vol. 88, 2017
2016 Indexing livelihood vulnerability to the effects of typhoons in indigenous communities of Taiwan, The Geographical Journal, vol. 182, 2016
2016 Adaptive capacity of Philippine communities vulnerable to flash floods and landslides: assessing loss and damage from typhoon Bopha in Eastern Mindanao, International Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 19, 2016
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2015 脆弱性研究的演變與當前發展, 地理學報, 2015
2015 An interdisciplinary perspective on social and physical determinants of seismic risk, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2015
2014 Reporting on the seminar- risk interpretation and action (RIA): decision making under conditions of uncertainty, Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma studies, vol. 18, 2014
2013 Everyday crises: marginal society livelihood vulnerability and adaptability to hazards, Progress in Development Studies, vol. 13, 2013
2006 Vulnerability after a devastating hazard: an interpretation of land use and land cover change in central Taiwan since 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, 地球科學進展(Advances in Earth Science), vol. 21, 2006
2004 全球變遷人文面向研究的新發展, 全球變遷通訊雜誌, 2004
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2004 生態社區之理念探究與城鄉新風貌的架構初擬, 環境與世界, vol. 10, 2004
Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
2022 Abrupt Change in Climate and Ecosystems: Where are the Tipping Points? 中央研究院環境變遷研究中心、台灣師範大學環境教育研究所 協同/共同主持人 2019.08 ~ 2022.07 科技部(原國科會)
2018 Reconstructing East Asian Historical Climate Series using China’s Chronological Records in Past Two Millennia 中央研究院環境變遷研究中心、中央研究院人文社會科學研究中心 2015.01 ~ 2018.12 其他政府部門
2015 Communication Influences on Decision-Making in Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction: Implications for RIA Framework Indian Research Academy (India), Gulu University (Uganda),Polytechnic State University (USA), University of the Philippines (Philippines) 總主持人 2014.04 ~ 2015.02 其他政府部門
2014 Livelihoods Vulnerabilities to Typhoon Associated Hazards in Southeast Asia: A Comparative Study in Taiwan and the Philippines Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Germany), Institute of Biological Sciences, University of the Philippines (Philippines) 主持人 2013.03 ~ 2014.02 其他政府部門
School Name Department Degree
National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Geography PhD
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Geography Bachelor
National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Geography Master
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Academia Sinica Research Center for Environmental Changes Postdoctoral research fellow 2014.03 ~ 2019.07
Academia Sinica Center for Sustainability Science Visiting scholar 2013.03 ~ 2014.02
Clark University, USA George Perkins Marsh Institute Research scientist 2012.11 ~ Up to today
Clark University, USA Graduate Institute of Geography Postdoctoral research fellow 2011.10 ~ 2012.10